The Energy of Space

This book describes adventures in different parts of the world studding the energies – energy of the particular place and energy of people being in this place. It is written by mountaineer, professor and a world renown scientist, who has devoted his life to the study of spiritual worlds from a scientific perspective. Science, Information, and Spirit – this is a recurring slogan of his work for many years, and also is the name for annual international congresses held in Saint-Petersburg every July. This book describes a new revolutionary approach to study of geo-active zones, based on many years of scientific research. Life – is a great adventure in our everyday reality, and you may receive a strong impulse of optimism by reading this book.

Translated from Russian by the author and Artem Raskin
with the help of many friends.
Photos by the author.
Cover picture by Oleg Bazhenov
ISBN-13: 978-1482533538
ISBN-10: 14825335
© 2016 Korotkov Konstanti